GISCity is the foundation of SmartCity that Geonet wants to achieve for the advancement of city in Indonesia. GISCity will use OneMap as the basis for data collection and regional mapping, this will be making it easier to coordinate between regional agencies and for users, both the public and the government, to find out information of an area.


Coordinate big data in an open space, making it easy to monitor development and solve problems that exist in the city. Design and infrastructure planning as well as the data will be obtained from several regional agencies. A smart city will be achieved using different layers to represent each data, making it easier to control and monitor each data.


An exisiting single map (OneMap) and a shared IT infrastructure can make the development operations become spatially based, this can be used as a development controller of a city. In addition, the sharing of data and information online as well as a reliable system software can assist the analysis and decision-making processes by the government.

Geospatial Analysis

GISCity can be used to perform geospatial analysis. From this analysis, information can be obtained for decision making, development planning, to disaster mitigation.


Land Information

GISCity can be used to find out information on land ownership and land use.