Application Development
Geonet provide solutions for applications developments specifically in the GIS Field. We aim to optimally use technological advances to develop applications that provides beneficial information for users in order to help and facilitate their needs.

User Needs Assessment

This assessment stage is carried out to identify and determine application Development, such as the purposes of the app, complexity of the app, number of users, etc before the development process.


At the analysis stage, all the information needed will be collected and analyzed to plan the team structure, timeline/timeframe, budget, and other factors of application development.


This stage is carried out to make a design plan or design specifications such as Architecture, UI (User Interface), platform, security, and others for application development. The details of the design will be discussed with clients including the risk, technology to be used, team capabilities, project constraints, time, and budget. User will review the design and offer feedback and suggestions.


At this stage, application development process begins.The approved design will be built using the selected programming language. This process will be divided into several modules and then assigned to several development teams such as databases, front-end, back-end and others for application development.

Application Testing

This stage will involve the QA/QC software tester to test and assess the applications that have been developed according to the approved design and functions. This process continues until the application is free from bugs and is stable to use.

Support and Maintenance

Activities carried out at this stage are routine application maintenance, bug or problem fixes, system upgrades, and feature enhancements so the application can run optimally.


Consulting fields includes urban & city planning, mapping & survey, planning & design, visibilities study, kadastral, infrastructure, mining & energy


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