Geonet is Focus on Geospatial Technology

Technology develops so rapidly, affecting various areas of human life on the face of the Earth, transforming the various patterns and ways of human life.Its true technology makes human life easier, more organised, and documented.We feel the current role becomes increasingly greater and will become greater in the future.

Geonet which since the beginning of focus on the development of geospatial technology, more and more found the momentum to realize the vision and mission to become agent change in the field of geospatial management in Indonesia.As a partner of several famous brands in the field of geospatial industry and with long experience as a consultant of urban and geospatial planning, making Geonet as the only company in Indonesia that is able to provide total solutions For the development of geospatial-based workdevices.This is evidenced by the wide range of customers that Geonet support in the long.

Term In 2015, Geonet initiated GISCity for cities and regencies in Indonesia, with the prototype of Bekasi City and Bogor regency.GISCity is a total solution for organizing the city government activities with the support of integrated and reliable geospatial work tools. GISCity became a city engine to manage, control, evaluate development in the framework of a single map together. GISCity became the beginning of the real Smartcity development in Indonesia.

3D Modeling

Designing Cities With 3D Modeling to Past, Presnt and Future Developments

Mining Industry

Increase productivity and monitor land exploration easily, for the mining industry

GISPortal for Oil

GISPortal for Oil and Gas provide solutions in asset management, pipeline construction, Oil well drilling, environmental protection, resource managent and exploration