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Natural Imagery Processing

If a multispectral image consists of the three visual primary colour bands (red, green, blue), the three bands may be combined to produce a “true colour” image.

The colours of the resulting colour composite image resemble closely what would be observed by the human eyes.

For optical images lacking one or more of the three visual primary colour bands (i.e. red, green and blue), the spectral bands (some of which may not be in the visible region) may be combined in such a way that the appearance of the displayed image resembles a visible colour photograph, i.e. vegetation in green, water in blue, soil in brown or grey, etc. Many people refer to this composite as a “true colour” composite. However, this term is misleading since in many instances the colours are only simulated to look similar to the “true” colours of the targets. The term “natural colour” is preferred.

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